How tobe come a Gemar® Ambassador?

Becoming a Gemar® Ambassador provides your business with credibility and opportunity. It is the perfect platform to showcase your skills and establish yourself as an influencer in the industry.

The careful selection of Gemar® Ambassador’s involves about identifying talented individuals, waiting for the right opportunity and we would like to provide it. If you feel this is in you, then you are invited to apply
to the Gemar® team today.

To see if you qualify, simply send in a CV and include pictures and/or videos of sculptures you have already made. The next part of the process is a day evaluation in Gemar’s hometown, Casalvieri. You will be able to
work alongside our existing masters and demonstrate your ability to lift the moment in extraordinary ways.

Gemar® Ambassador description

Gemar® Ambassadors are global balloon artists and enthusiasts bringing this incredible craft to others through education and information. They are champions representing the core values of Gemar® while showcasing high
quality products and innovative designs.

Gemar® Ambassadors are independent influencers in balloon art who work with Gemar balloons because they value superior sustainable resources for their creations. Equally Gemar® is proud to endorse leaders in the industry
and support the preservation of balloon modelling as a true art form.