Lia Leottau

Lia has always been creative and started out as a makeup artist until one day she offered to create a balloon display. It was lucky for us that she did, since that first display ignited a passion for balloon art that has transformed her into a global leader in the industry.

As Lia’s vision and passion have grown, she has become a true artist. She loves working with colour and incorporating accessories to create stunning works of art that are full of creativity. Her sculptures are always a little different, exciting and innovative in every beautiful detail.

Owner of the shop Balloons by Lia Leottau, Lia is a keen business woman who has captivated a global audience with her talents. Yet she still finds time to enjoy music, dancing and heading out for fun with her friends. The energy and joy she experiences on the dancefloor can be seen in the grace and form of Lia’s sculptures, which truly are balloon art at its best.