Yulys Charles

Her passion for balloons began in Venezuela after her own children were born. She suddenly had an outlet to explore her creative side more, something that she had been interested in her whole life but never found the time or reason to pursue.

She decided to introduce high-level children’s parties ‘Recreaciones Estrellas magicas’. This gave Yulys the opportunity to push her creative boundaries and organise exciting, inspiring parties for her guests.

However, it was only when her granddaughter Nathalia was born, that she truly decided to pursue her dream and discover the magical power of balloons.

Yulys trained with world famous balloon artists like Guido Verhoef and continued to widen her artistic horizon with the likes of Irina Lobanova, Anatoly and Sergey Shevchenko, Alex Hernández and Luz Paz.

Yulys understood not only the full potential of balloon art but the impact of quality, sustainable balloons on the end result.

We welcome Yulys onto our ambassador team, we are confident that together we can lift the moment in style.