Omar Bucio

Omar Bucio is the newest member of the Gemar® family and what makes Omar’s addition to the Gemar® family quite special is that he is following in the footsteps of his incredible talented wife, Luz Paz.

They are running a very successful party shop in Florida and they are travelling the world with Gemar®, showcasing their high-level balloon art talent and teaching it to others.

It is unusual in a marriage to find two very talented individuals with the same passion, but it was an absolute joy for us to discover that Luz’s husband had an equal creative flair.

The two of them together are absolutely limitless. They bring out the best in each other and push each other’s creative boundaries. As a family business, it’s particularly joyful to be part of another family in such a beautiful way.

‘There is nothing impossible!’ Omar said when we approached him. He loves working side by side with his beloved wife and we love the increased power they both hold to lift the moment even higher.