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Gemar USA at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital


Really more than a personal connection, it is a purpose!

Those of us in the party industry know that the balloon is a product to make moments memorable to celebrate our best occasions… But when we are facing difficult situations, this is not possible! That is why our purpose seeks in one way or another to help those who need it most! Either through a balloon or through what we achieve with it..

What impact do we want to have with these donations?

Donations are only possible if we seek to make them possible. From our company beyond what we do, beyond what we achieve, having a purpose is what allows us to move forward! That is how, having it a priority to support, we can make it possible. It’s like balloons! Being just an article that we can transform.. If you can dream it, you can create it!

Our Goal?

Knowing that we can all have the intention of contributing or helping others, but this is not always possible, as a company our goal and purpose is to support in the most difficult moments. Although we know that much more is always needed, we think that in the small details you can make a difference!

Why Miami Nicklaus Children hospital?

Certainly more than an institution, Nicklaus Children is a foundation that at the beginning of the year we had the great pleasure of meeting. Looking for ways to start this purpose! With our small contribution we not only help a child but, we also seek to give him a better opportunity to heal and receive medical attention. The beauty of this foundation is that it not only receives children from Florida, but also from the United States and more than 75 countries.

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