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Gemar USA in Honduras

A training course took place June 5th, 2022 in Honduras. The course was held for 25 people, so the class was up close and personal.

For this training course Gemar USA has sent more than 1000 balloons. 

This event was organized by Gemar vendor Bliss Balloons HN and instructed by Paola Chinchilla for beginners and intermediates in balloon decoration. Paola from Balloons Honduras organized this event stating; “We do not offer ordinary workshops, but rather a fun and different experience where our students/participants will learn the techniques that have worked for us throughout these 6 years which helped us position ourselves in the professional balloon decoration industry in our country.”

The workshop helped master the art of balloon bouquets, organic decoration technique with balloons, balloon styling, rainbow decor, and installation of garlands with and without support. It is safe to say great moments were created with the best balloons in the market … GEMAR®.

We wish all these participants good luck in finding their place in the world of decoration.