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Hello Summer!


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

The Gemar USA Decor Project was inaugurated on June 13, 2022 to celebrate this Summer season! From the commitment between Gemar Associates and their local community of decorators, The Gemar USA Decor Project for the month of June managed to look for local talents around 25 Gemar vendors, who, through an invitation, showed and improved their skills as balloon artists.

Gemar vendors reported the enthusiasm each artist had upon receiving the invite to create the Summer decoration for the store. Store owner Javier Gallaga from Jay’s Party Shop reported to have received messages of gratitude from the artists he selected. Javier’s selected artists were also his students which meant this was an opportunity for his students to develop their skills and demonstrate everything they’ve learned with Javier. Other artists expressed their appreciation to Gemar USA for taking the initiative to develop a project that connects with the local community of artists.  

The Gemar USA Decor Project Summer theme used a hot color palette that resembled a hot Summer’s day in paradise! Bright colors such as the #004 Orange, #007 Fuchsia, #003 Yellow, and refreshing blue color tones, had artists from over 20 different stores creating their own version of a beach paradise! 

The Gemar USA Decor Project and the Summer theme served as an exhibition to a balloon store that will be used to inspire other decorators for many decorations to come.

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