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Gemar USA in Save the Date Expo

Gemar USA spent the weekend of August 26 through August 28 in Orlando supporting local balloon businesses and artists!

At Save the Date Expo, Gemar USA had an incredible time with local balloon artists and vendors. In this expo Gemar USA was alongside Gemar vendor My Balloons Decor and Glimaris Balloons Store.

The expo fair began on August 27, 2022 in the Osceola Heritage Park Expo Center where Gemar USA sponsored the first Battloon Challenge. 

The Battloon Challenge was a competition between three talented artists whose balloon business emerged in the Orlando area. The three artists competed for the best balloon decoration each given a different theme. The winner was chosen by popular vote. Roughly 6000 Gemar Balloons were used for this competition to make a Mario, Jurassic Park, and Mickey Mouse theme come to life. For Gemar USA, everyone was a winner but, there had to be one winner and the winner was chosen with a total of 271 votes. Gemar USA congratulates VM Decorator for winning the first Battloon Challenge! At the same time we congratulate Happy Moments Decor and Fantasy Balloons and More for participating and creating beautiful balloon decor setups.

Another angle of Save the Date Expo was about the wedding industry. In this industry bridal dresses were amongst the popular items of the Expo. With the demand of wedding dresses increasing for wedding season, Gemar USA collaborated with Save the Date to display wedding dresses under a gazebo made by My Balloons Decor using only Gemar balloons. The Gemar balloon colors compliment the dress and made the perfect photo prop for a wedding celebration. The idea was to show and tell how great balloons and weddings go together. With Gemar Balloons you can celebrate every moment!  

Gemar USA assisted Save the Date Expo to support two projects with the same objective, creating art and celebrating a special moment. Three talented artist with a passion for decorating and a Gemar vendor conveying love and intimacy with a wedding gazebo. With Gemar Balloons we support the creativity and vision of each artist with over 80 colors that serve as a palette for artist to create unique colors, tones, and textures that allow each celebration a unique and exclusive experience.