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The Balloon Month

Hello September!

Welcome to the balloon month! A month of celebration, gratitude, and honor for the balloon! It all seems simple now but we know how most people in industry had a rough start. Years later balloons are lifting the moment everywhere in the world. For this reason the balloon month is special to us and we must celebrate it. 

For the month of September Gemar USA comes with another theme for The Gemar USA Decor Project. The Balloon Month will be the second decoration done by 25 Gemar vendors and a local decorator chosen by the store. Additionally, for this month we will be having a contest for the best decoration! Our Instagram feed will be displaying all decorations, the decoration with the most likes wins! The artist and store will be awarded for their effort and talent. The balloon month will also include many celebrations so stay in touch with our social media platforms to know what else is coming from Gemar USA during The Balloon Month!