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The Russian Academia Extravaganza – June 27th

Vzakadem seminar

On the 27th of June. the two Irina’s (Irina Lobanova and Irina Gvozdenko), our Gemar Ambassadors in Russia), made it their mission to spread the love, passion and skill of balloon art.

It was time for Vzakadem, the Russian Academia.

Organised with the support of EUT and Olga Baldina, another one of our Gemar Ambassador, Gemar balloons were used by extraordinarily skilled artists to create structures that flew high above any competition.

From pretty feminine floral arches to pandacorn inspired first birthday displays. The talented Gemar Ambassadors demonstrated to attendees how to create stomping balloon elephants. Everyone who came to this fun-filled event, not only left in wonderment but they had learnt a new skill and had their own balloon animal to prove it.

The idea behind the Vzakadem seminars is to protect and celebrate balloon art by investing in the expertise of budding and master artists. This seminar was on the leading edge of innovative balloon art techniques, using high-quality sustainable products from Gemar, pioneering design and beauty in the industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Russian friends for helping us with this mission and joining us to create a movement, where quality, green resources can be used to lift moments around the world and the skill of balloon art will live forever.