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A Gleeful Celebration of Ukrainan Culture

Odessa Balloon Jem

Veronika Golubeva, one of our wonderful Gemar Ambassadors, recently coordinated a fantastic balloon art installation to celebrate the Ukranian Independence Day on August 24th. Balloon artists packed their bags and travelled from many different areas of Ukraine, coming together to collaborate on the project and demonstrate the soul and beauty of their country.

Odessa Balloon Jam was held in the Riviera Shopping City, a huge shopping mall with 120 shops alongside cinemas, cafes and other attractions. It was the perfect place to share the team’s endless love of balloons and transform an ordinary day’s shopping into a moment never to be forgotten for the thousands of people who saw it.

The sculpture spanned two stores and really captured the spirit of the Ukranian people, with a stunning rainbow taking center stage as it spilled from fluffy balloon clouds down to the ground. Joyful balloon children were captured sliding down the rainbow to land next to a traditional thatched cottage, complete with delicate flowers climbing the walls in patterns reminiscent of traditional Ukranian embroidery. Nearby a third balloon child delighted in a swing adorned with flowers, and towering trees completed the happy scene. The joy and energy of the sculpture were infectious and the spirit of the occasion was evident in the faces of those who saw it. Nobody could deny their smiles as visitors young and old interacted with the artwork and posed for pictures.

Of course, such an amazing display doesn’t come together easily. Veronika and her team spent three long nights working tirelessly to create it, using many thousands of colourful Gemar balloons. We hope you’ll agree that the end result was well worth staying up for and certainly lifted the moment in honour of Ukraine’s culture and traditions.