Company Policy

Management’s commitment and continual improvement

Gemar S.r.l. aims to ensure a product which satisfies consumers’ needs, in compliance with current regulations, both in the product quality and safety, through professionalism and strict controls performed during the production process, from selection of the raw materials to packaging of the finished product, and in respect for the environment and ethics, by complying strictly with the requirements of applicable regulations.

The quality, environment and safety system and the supporting documentation have been prepared to satisfy customers’ implicit and explicit needs and have been implemented in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO14001:2015 standards.

In order to achieve this objective, GEMAR S.R.L. has defined the following IMS Policy:

  • Maintain a certified company Integrated Management System and ensure that all future changes in regulations are introduced into it.
  • Carry out continual improvement of Quality by defining methods, programs and indicators to optimise production processes, through constant investment of resources.
  • Constantly monitor customer satisfaction and loyalty, in order to improve external perception of quality, prevent complaints and comply with delivery times, providing the customer with a high-value product and service.
  • Control errors committed by third parties, through a supply quality control system, supply environmental impacts control system and by continually raising supplier awareness of the GEMAR company Policies.
  • Eliminate product nonconformities through controls during the various processing phases to avoid product defects, minimise rejects, thus avoiding complaints, returns and problems linked with product conformity and low quality, reducing also the waste production.
  • Improve the competences and involvement of the company’s human resources, by encouraging participation and sharing of the integrated system targets through training, supervision and efficient communication.

Gemar S.r.l. also undertakes to define and disclose the company’s values and beliefs on workers’ safety and health, safety and the environment. It therefore aims to:

  • Reduce the number of injuries and occupational illness and the risks linked with the environmental impact;
  • Comply with current workplace H&S legislation and domestic and European environmental regulations on assessment of the environmental impact, waste disposal and emissions;
  • Guarantee continual improvement of the workplace H&S conditions and environmental sustainability of its production cycles and product quality;
  • Provide the necessary resources for functioning of the QHSE system and for achievement of its objectives;
  • Raise workers’ awareness to ensure they carry out their duties in safety and understand the concept of environmental sustainability;
  • Raise workers’ awareness to ensure they are able to assume their workplace H&S responsibilities and participate in achievement of the company’s objectives with regard to protection of the environment;
  • Create a correct integrated quality-health-safety-environment system which also includes the activities of subcontractors’ personnel working at the site;
  • Periodically review the policy and objectives.

Quality creates reputation and reliability. At GEMAR, all participants in the Value Chain must be committed to ensuring that the policy is understood, implemented and disclosed. Everyone at GEMAR is committed, motivated and involved in achieving and sharing these objectives. Company management promotes the IMS Policy and ensures that it is introduced into and shared at all levels of the organisation.