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Balloon Festival in Ukraine

Odessa Festival

March was an incredible month for Gemar with moments being lifted around the world. We finished the month on a high at the Odessa Balloon Festival in the Ukraine. This epic annual event led to the parade of Humorina on the 1st April where we had a special announcement.

This festival is created by and for the aerodesign community. It’s organised with the intention of creating a friendly, relaxed space where attendees can be inspired and have the opportunity to socialise in a fun space. This spirit of sharing and community is totally in alignment with Gemar which is why we were so honoured to be sponsoring balloons for this event.

Every year our balloon artists plan an installation to impress and this year was no different. Last year’s theme was unicorns but we had to go bigger and better this year. We decided the best way to do this was to go deep… deep under the ocean.

Our two Russian Gemar Ambassadors, Irina Lobanova and Irina Gvozdenko were here too, filled a car with balloons for the parade and created beautiful and peaceful sea creatures to float along side. These included stunning, colourful fish of all varieties and sizes, jolly jellyfish and awe-inspiring octopuses.

Possibly the most exciting highlight though were the seahorses. These giant balloon art characters were so big that people were able to ride them. This caused quite a spectacle and great amusement, especially for the riders.

The theme of this year’s Parade of Humorina was Cinema and Animation and to fit in with this, we also created an animation display – which was new and innovative for us, giving us the opportunity to try new things and push our own creative boundaries.

We ended the event by sharing our exciting news. The organiser of this prestigious event, Veronika Golubeva, is officially coming on board as the new Gemar Ambassador. We would like to welcome Veronika and thank her and all the team for making us very welcome.

Veronika had this to say about the event…

‘Nobody expected the festival to be so big… everyone is delighted and waiting for the sequel. People from around the world have written to me asking to participate next time. Thanks to Gemar for believing in me and supporting my project!’

Veronika, it was our pleasure. We look forward to lifting the moment together even more in the future.

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