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New York City Balloon Ball 2023

Gemar USA had an eventful week as they sponsored the New York City Balloon Ball. This event stood out particularly because of the creative direction provided by Boomart by Marce. Marce, leading her team, showcased her expertise in constructing round balloon structures, particularly with Gemar balloons. They transformed the venue into a Mario-themed wonderland, bringing together every element of the Mario world. Not just that, the team employed several balloon art techniques, one of the most notable being the art of balloon distortion.

At the event, the Gemar® brand had its own engaging booth, which was a hub for connecting with other balloon artists. Here, they talked about upcoming projects and resources tailored for the growth of artists in the balloon artistry sector, underscoring Gemar’s commitment to the community.

Moreover, Gemar USA took the responsibility of sponsoring the entrance decoration of the event, and it was a visual delight. With a theme named “Falling in Love with Gemar,” the entrance was decorated with the warm hues of autumn. This captivating gateway not only welcomed attendees but also left them with a strong impression of Gemar’s innovative approach to balloon art. All credit for this beautiful design goes to Jam Evangelista.