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Maker Faire Miami 2023

In collaboration with Airigami, Gemar USA participated in Maker Faire Miami on April 15-16. There was a wide array of balloons, education, and technology on display.

Gemar USA and the talented team at Airigami collaborated to create a breathtaking balloon mural for the Maker Faire in Miami. By combining Gemar’s beloved balloons and Airigami’s innovative system, event attendees were able to utilize science, math, and balloons to create a stunning piece of artwork. Airigami developed a simple 3-step process for properly tying G-Link balloons and 5 inch balloons to the structure, allowing even those who don’t typically work with balloons to participate.

Larry Moss, the creative director of Airigami, notes that this is a great way to get people excited about the proper usage and eco-friendliness of balloons. Participants also expressed a great sense of pride in their contribution to the mural, once again proving that balloons bring joy to everyone.