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Aria Hotel Budapest Structure, constructed in Budapest 2018 with Party Point

Lifting the moment at the Aria Hotel Budapest – 2018

The artist Konfettincobp demonstrates how Gemar balloons can lift the moment.

One of the most rewarding things about working and connecting with passionate balloon enthusiasts from all over the world is that we get to play a part in beautiful, show stopping structures like this.

Built using exclusively Gemar balloons, Konfettincobp constructed this grand monument which embodies our Lifting The Moment philosophy, and he did it right in the middle of the Aria Hotel in Budapest.

We love the way Konfettincobp has allowed these balloons to reach into the sky, as if they have no limitations. When viewing this artwork, hotel guests are forced to suspend belief and just marvel as time seems to stand still and the impossible becomes possible.

We would like to extend a huge thanks from the entire Gemar family to The Aria Hotel, all their adoring guests, Party Point and of course the very talented, Konfettincobp. Together we are lifting moments all over the world!