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Russian Festival Fever 

Kazan balloon festival

When we hear the words Festival of Balloons, we just have to be there and on the 13th and 14th of July we headed to Kazan, a beautiful city in the southwest of Russia, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.


Veselay Zatey organised this spectacular Festival of Balloons which was packed full of eager and excited aerodesigners who came with an open mind, ready to learn.


Gemar sponsored the event and we were represented by Olga, our Ambassador. We were happy to see so much positivity around balloons and Gemar. Participants really appreciated the value and difference of quality balloons and also praised our colours and designs. As a thank you, Gemar gifted every attendee with a printed balloon so they can continue to lift the moment after the event.


The two day event allowed 62 people and 8 teams to make various show stopping structures. Two of which were created using exclusive Gemar balloons. Mage and the Parrot are significant characters in Russian children’s television and appear as cartoons. The Gemar structures were big, bold, colourful and distinctively recognisable which bought huge smiles to all the big children (adults) who attended.


Here at Gemar we are genuinely in love with what we do. We truly believe in the potential of balloons to lift the moment and we know they can be so much more than decoration. While in Kazan, we were able to demonstrate this passion face-to-face and see the physical and emotional impact learning these skills can have.


Being creative is an incredible boost for wellbeing and it showed on the day as the energy and excitement was so high. The atmosphere was fun and light. It has a real festival feel where everyone had permission to have fun and be themselves.


We loved this two day festival and would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Olga, the people of Kazan and the organisers of this high level event. It truly lifted the moment.


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