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Gemar Workshops in Funny Balloons Puerto Rico

Funny Balloons Puerto Rico celebrated their grand opening last weekend with 4 balloon workshops instructed by Yuly Charles, a Gemar Ambassador. Yuly Charles is an international balloon artist that spreads the best quality in balloons and teaches amazing techniques.

The workshops provided an introduction to balloons and used Gemar balloons to show the students the best balloon products in the market. Students praised Yuly Charles professionalism and feedback of learning with Gemar balloons. Everybody was very amazed by the mastery of the techniques and the variety of new designs they saw. All the students learned new concepts and techniques to make beautiful decorations with balloons. 

The classes had a delightful atmosphere and resulted in positive reviews from all the attendees. Everyone was very satisfied with what they were taught, commending Yuly Charles for her knowledge and teaching style. It was truly a great experience for all those who attended and an incredible way to celebrate the opening of Funny Balloons Puerto Rico.