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Gemar Workshop in Dania Beach

On January 29, 2023 a workshop took place at Balloons Place in Dania Beach, Florida. The workshop was an exciting event. 20 students had the chance to attend the workshop and learn new balloon art techniques from Gemar Ambassador Yuly Charles. Students were taught how to make unique balloon arches, colorful balloon flowers, and beautiful organic decorations. Everyone in the workshop was able to learn advanced skills, work with one another, and put their newfound educations to the test in an inspiring and creative atmosphere. 

As the workshop came to a close, each participant was full of knowledge, ideas, and enthusiasm for their newfound skills in balloon art. Yuly Charles was thrilled to see the students walking away with smiles and appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into their creations. The workshop was a great success and all who attended left the event with a renewed passion for the art of balloon crafting.