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Gemar® Talent

Presenting, Gemar Talent 

Here at Gemar we make more than balloons, we make moments by sharing our passion for balloons with talented individuals that can turn our vision into reality. By placing Gemar balloons in the hands of these special individuals we have created Gemar Talent!

Gemar® Talent are global balloon artists sharing this incredible craft with others. They are champions representing the core values of Gemar® while showcasing high quality products and innovative designs.

Gemar® Talent are independent influencers in balloon art who work with Gemar® balloons because they value superior sustainable resources for their creations.

Equally Gemar® are proud to endorse talented individuals in the industry and support the promotion of balloon decoration as a true form of art.


Meet the first class of Gemar® Talent:

Alejandra Gonzalez
Anuber Basalo
Anyelina Checo
Cacile Williams-Bethel
Dana Lampon
Federica Fois
Greiska Graterol
Iraida Marrero
Ismaele Toma
Javier Gallaga
Kristin Tuddenham
Leslie Hicks
Michele Staiano
Natasha Diaz
Paloma Saldana
Walter Elel
Yaritza Martinez