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Gemar in Delaware

Gemar USA recently sponsored a Master class on balloon decoration on February 21 and 22, 2023. The event was held in Delaware and was attended by 42 individuals who were eager to learn about balloon art. The instructors for the class were Octavio Shalala and Carlos Ilucion who are renowned for their artistic creations using balloons.

During the two-day workshop, the participants learned about several topics related to balloon art, including spectacular scenes, linear duplex wall, silhouette duplex wall, linear organic, foil columns, and duplex tunnels. The instructors used almost 10,000 balloons to create these impressive decorations which left the attendees astounded.

After the class was over, the students raved about their experience and were particularly happy with the opportunity to learn from talented instructors in their own state. They also loved getting to know more of Gemar® balloons used in the class and were excited to use them in their own future projects. Interestingly, participants not only came from New Jersey but also from other states such as Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Los Angeles, and Tennessee.

To make it even more interesting, the balloons created during the class were put on display for 20 days at the location and were seen by more than 2,000 people through various events such as an expo in Delaware and a community event on March 8 where women who inspire the community were celebrated.

Overall, Gemar USA sponsored an impressive master class on balloon decoration that brought together talented instructors and eager students to create beautiful and artful decorations. It was an event that was much appreciated and enjoyed by all who participated.