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Gemar Day Miami #GemarAmericanTour2023

The Gemar American Tour ended with the last stop in Miami on April 24th. We had 260 guests and over 40,000 balloons were used! It was so incredible and unforgettable moment that we can’t wait to share our best moments with you.

The workshop began with “Gemar Creator vs Reality” class, where Gemar Ambassadors Gergo & Tampilipe showed the Gemar Creator‘s capabilities by creating a stunning Star Arch render, which captured everyone’s attention. The class marked the start of the Disco Party Themed Gemar Day, generating an electrifying atmosphere. Attendees loved the software and were amazed at its ability to bring every balloon decoration ideas to life.

Second one was held by Gemar Masters Roberta & Vincenzo with a spectacular disco party themed gazebo was an absolute blast. The gazebo was adorned with intricately crafted headphones and musical notes with Gemar modelling balloons, adding a vibrant and musical touch to the atmosphere. The class was an immersive and enjoyable experience! The enthusiasm and the happiness were contagious as everyone danced and sang together with balloon headphones on their head!

Gergo‘s class showcased his exceptional balloon artistry and expertise in creating lifelike balloon characters. The class was dedicated to a Disco Robot with round and modelling balloons. Gergo focused on making every detail and the importance of proportions in achieving realistic designs.

Fourth one was prepared by Gemar Talents Greiska & Karen, presenting a unique standing column made with various balloon techniques and elements. An inspiration from an unusually creative and innovative approach, this class was made to bring out the limitless possibilities of balloon art.

To close the American Tour in Miami, we held the American Tour Awards, hosted by Gemar Ambassadors Luz Paz and Omar Bucio, who honored talented balloon artists from around the world. Winners were chosen by the general public, highlighting their widespread recognition and appreciation. Pedro Morales received the Balloon Artist Inspiration of the Year award, Claudia Racanelli was recognized with the Most Viral Artist award, Maria Virginia Navarro won the Most Creative Artist award, and Marcela Cruz was celebrated as the New Artistic Revelation. The awards aimed to acknowledge the hard work and talent of deserving balloon artists and inspire the community. The event showcased the best of the industry and emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating balloon artistry.

The tour has come to an end! It was an unforgettable tour that included over 210 000 balloons5 cities9065 miles40 hours of learning and more than 1000 people from all over the world!

Thank you for learning and enjoying with us! Thank you Gemar USA team for this incredible event! See you next year!