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Gemar® Associate Webinar

On December 6, 2022, store owners in the balloon industry gathered to learn in what was the first webinar organized by Gemar USA for Gemar Associates on the American continent. In this webinar, hosted by Gemar USA, over 40 Gemar vendors had a total of 4 hours of screen time with the company of Brand & Sales Director, Gloria Veta; CEO of Maximize Digital Media, Chrissanne Long; CEO of Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina; and CEO of CMS 360 Expert Business Service, Charlessa Smith. These wonderful speakers shared with Gemar Associates the best secrets of business, marketing, and empowerment.

The Gemar Associate Webinar was a valuable educational event for our community. We received many positive comments from associates about what a meaningful experience the webinar was for everyone who attended. Our success was in no small part due to associates who shared with us their experiences as business owners. Gemar USA wants to say thank you to all Gemar Associates for the time and dedication they gave to this event. Through such programs as this, we can work together towards becoming a powerful industry.