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G! come Giocare – Milan 2018

We spent the last weekend of November at the G Come Giocare event and it was simply delightful. This family event in Milan is an extravaganza of fun, music, live shows and education and we were thrilled to be part of it.

Throughout the entire event, we were working hard, teaching and inspiring the next generation of balloon artists (not that this feels much like work when it’s so enjoyable). Each day for the 3-day event we taught 5 child-friendly masterclasses with 10 budding artists in each one. Over the course of the long weekend, 90 children had access to our prestigious experts and the opportunity to learn a new skill.

At the end of the session, every participant went home with a small festive themed sculpture, either a reindeer or snowman, a moment that was perfectly captured by a photograph that our budding balloon artists were able to take away to mark the occasion.

As part of our on-going work to support the sustainability of the balloon industry we also used the opportunity to help young people and their parents understand the importance of responsible balloon use. We taught them about the ‘don’t let go’ rule and made sure everyone was aware that once a balloon is finished with it should be popped and binned. Our sustainable latex balloons might be biodegradable but any litter that can be avoided should be, which is why we enthusiastically share this message wherever we go.

Apart from having a lot of fun with balloons and educating children about sustainability, our aim of the day was to enthuse a new generation and ignite a fascination in balloon art that will rise and rise. The event might be over but we hope that it doesn’t mark the end for these children and their foray into this innovative art form. We hope they keep lifting the moment till we return next year.