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Florida Super Jam 2023

A week in Orlando twisting with Gemar balloons!

Gemar USA had an excellent kickoff in balloon conventions for 2023 having assisted the Florida Super Jam. In this balloon twister convention Gemar USA was alongside Gemar Talents, Alejandra and Iraida; and Gemar instructor, David Sapper. These talented instructors weren’t our only family members, our Orlando associates, My Balloons Decor strengthened the Gemar family at the Florida Super Jam. Florida Super Jam began on January 11, 2023 in the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Lake Buena Vista. Gemar USA organized classes, a balloon jam, decorations, and entertainment until January 14, 2023.

2023 is a year of limitless possibilities and imagination, and Gemar USA seized the opportunity to push its boundaries. Gemar Talents Alejandra and Iraida started things off with a bang by introducing their renowned column and bouquet hybrid decorations to a class full of balloon twisters and entertainers. David Sapper then stepped in to teach some unique, wearable, and interactive designs. In addition to the classes, Gemar USA hosted an unforgettable balloon jam with five event tables and over 60 balloon colors and and 3 balloon sizes. Attendees were encouraged to try the balloons out for themselves.

Gemar USA’s 2023 initiative was a wild success; it inspired individuals to explore the power of their imaginations and to reach beyond established boundaries. It was an incredible event full of fun for both experienced and aspiring balloon twisters.