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Science Meets Art at Float

Float Convention – St Louis, 2020

Float is the only American convention for advanced balloon decorating professionals, so of course Gemar had to be there! This year we had the honour of preparing the evening before the event whose theme was Peace & Love. It was a rainbow of color that took us straight back to the 70’s!
Masters & Ambassadors Luz, Omar, Vincenzo, Claudio, Yulys and Lia packed their bags and headed to St Louis to enjoy five days of balloon art. With competitions, displays, classes and workshops there was something for everyone. Tickets had flown out of the door so it was a packed event and the biggest yet, with a bubbling party atmosphere as everyone made the most of the opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate their talents. We were especially proud to offer our support to a team of Luz’s students from Chicago and are very pleased to say that they were awarded third place in the sculpture competition, a fantastic achievement

This year the convention had a “mad scientist” theme, which led to some amazing sculptures. Our Ambassadors created a wonderful space travel themed wall, complete with Nasa astronaut floating among the stars. Workshop participants then got hands on to make their own miniature spacemen, using clear crystal rainbow balloons to wonderful effect as the astronaut’s helmet.

When a mad scientist has explored the furthest reaches of the galaxy, where else can she turn? Perhaps to time travel. Heading back millions of years we encountered the gentle giants of the dinosaur world with an impressive brachiosaurus arch, a stunning addition to any prehistoric party, accompanied by a very cute little baby brachiosaurus that would delight any dinosaur lover.

The stars of the show were Luz and her husband Omar, who ran the “She Said Yes” and “Wow Effect” classes. These were so popular that the queues snaked through the building for what felt like miles, luckily people were happy to chat while they waited!

A convention like this isn’t just about classes and learning, as important as those are. It’s also about meeting new people, making friends and business connections. Participants have the opportunity to step aside from their daily work for a few days, look at the bigger picture and plan ambitious new projects. By the end of the last day everyone floated away on a cloud of inspiration and new ideas, ready to achieve bigger things than ever before and lift every moment.



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