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Expo Globos 2023

Expo Globos Puerto Rico served as an incredible stage for showcasing the prowess of the party industry in Puerto Rico, and we at Gemar USA were thrilled to participate and support this grand event. It was a truly delightful experience to stand side by side with our Gemar Associates of Puerto Rico, embodying the togetherness that is so essential to our brand. We were happy to see our vendors present such visually stunning booth displays at the Expo, all enhanced by the vibrant charm of our Gemar balloons. Wanda Pineiro, Magic Balloons Fajardo, A La Mode Balloons, and Funny Balloons Puerto Rico use and display our product line with a splendid representation of our brand. This spectacular display served as a testament to Puerto Rico’s immense potential to emerge as a leader in the party industry, given the evident creativity and passion shown by all the decoration participants. Highlighting the event were Gemar Talents, Dana and Yaritza, who generously provided two free classes with Gemar balloons. Their sessions were informative and insightful, expanding the horizons of balloon artistry and leaving attendees inspired. Expo Globos Puerto Rico reaffirmed our belief in the power of community and creativity in shaping the future of the party industry.