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#D2PROM kids collection (#pittibimbo87)

Dsquared2 Fashion Show – Florence 2018

Dan and Dean Caten have made a business and life out of lifting the moment within the fashion industry. They have earned their celebrity following and have become known for their extravagant shows and their infectious, high energy personalities. The pair are inseparable, they motivate and inspire each other to reach for the stars and spread beauty around the world.

This is why when dsquared2 came to Florence to showcase their #D2PROM range, we were absolutely honoured to be asked to provide the balloons for the events. Despite our different industries, we actually have a lot in common and it’s clear to see why they selected Gemar to lift the moment for the show.

Just like dsquared2, Gemar’s philosophy is built on creating the extraordinary, of standing out from the crowd and having the courage to be different. It’s about style, beauty and always being ahead of the trend. And to top of our similarities, despite being born in Canada, the Caten’s have a deep love of Italy and consider our beautiful country home from home.

When the evening of the show approached there was an electric, exciting atmosphere in the air, we prepared our balloons and the moment began to rise. Once it got underway, we were blown away with the extravagance and beauty of the whole event, the #pittibimbo86 kids collection particularly caught our eye.

The show had a real 1950’s vibe which created a fun and nostalgic energy. The music was in line with the theme and it’s an evening we will forever remember for the laughter, dancing and incredible clothes. Of course, let’s not forget the balloons!

It was an honour to be involved in such an exciting event and we would like to extend out thanks to dsquared2 and everyone else involved. It was truly magnificent.