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October 21st 2019

Celebrating the Luz Paz Day & our new GA Lia

Flying High with a Double Celebration 

October 21st was a special day for the Gemar family. Two years had passed since Luz Paz opened her wonderful store and we joined with her to celebrate the anniversary.

Balloons by Luz Paz is far more than just a store selling balloons. Luz is known worldwide as a balloon artist, creating wonderfully unique sculptures. Her show stopping displays have made her a favourite with celebrities, who seek her out to add a touch of magic to their parties.

The store stocks top quality Gemar balloons in a rainbow of over 60 colours and is the base from which she creates her displays and teaches classes for aspiring balloon artists. In fact it is such an important part of the Florida landscape that Commissioner Joe A. Martinez named October 21st “Balloons by Luz Paz Day.” An honour that shows the place Luz holds in the hearts of the people of Miami.


A very special surprise

We are proud to have Luz as a Gemar Ambassador and she was kind enough to help us arrange a very special surprise with our Gemar Partner Funnyballoons USA !

Lia Leottau, a young and very talented balloon artist who has been mentored by Luz, thought she had travelled from Panama simply to enjoy the celebrations. Instead she was amazed to discover that she is Gemar’s newest Ambassador!

Gemar Ambassadors are balloon artists known worldwide for their skill and the beauty of their work. They bring joy with every sculpture, champion the core values that make Gemar unique and showcase the highest quality products and groundbreaking designs.

We are very proud indeed to welcome Lia to the Gemar family and are looking forward to seeing her fly!