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It’s your Jam!

Bling Bling Jam – Las Vegas 2019

Bling Bling Jam returned to Las Vegas and we were ridiculously excited to join the fun once again! 2019 was the second year we attended this prestigious event and it certainly lived up to expectations (which were very high after 2018’s experience)!

Gergő, our GemarAmbassador from Hungry joined forces with Vincenzo, a much loved GemarMaster, to represent Gemar, showcase our balloons and lift the moment even higher.

The event itself took place in the stunning Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas USA. It was epic and a true celebration of balloon art. The mission of the Bling Bling Jam organisers is to create a fun, engaging space that allows the development of balloon artists and professionals. So as you can imagine, we were in our element!

What we adore about the event is that they have extremely high standards. They believe in the potential of balloon art. They see it, just like we do, as a high-level creative skill that needs to be nurtured. They understand that balloon art is more than a sausage dog at a children’s party (although these have a place)! Balloon art is an expression, it is beautiful and has a positive impact on those who are able to witness it first hand.  The organisers of Bling Bling Jam, don’t just talk the talk, they lead by example and have incredibly talented artists on their team who represent the industry very well.

We are invited because of our reputation as global leaders and we certainly feel a responsibility to maintain our good name and push our own creative boundaries each time which we find incredibly exciting.

The event aims to spread the love and passion for these high level balloon art skills and foster an environment of learning. It was so wonderful to see everyone coming together and learning from each other, uplevelling the skillset of the industry as a whole.

To top it off, Bling Bling Jam is a Vegas party. The atmosphere is electric and everyone is on a high. We had an absolute ball and thank the organisers for putting on a magnificent event and to everyone who attended and made it a truly special summer party.  When we are there, we feel like family, our love of balloon art brings us together.


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