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Balloon Boss Summit 2022

A week in Orlando bossing up the Balloon Boss Summit with Gemar balloons!

Gemar USA had an exciting week at the Balloon Boss Summit 2022! In this balloon convention Gemar USA was alongside Gemar vendor and artist in The Bahamas, Cecile Williams-Bethel. The convention began on November 6th, 2022 and took place in the Holiday Inn Orlando-Disney Springs® Area where Gemar USA organized a class, contests, decorations, and other entertainment until Thursday November 15, 2022.

The event began with Cecile building the photo op santa sleigh for the ‘Time to Soar’ theme of this year’s Balloon Boss Summit. The build was made with the help of 2 delegates and Cecile’s staff member. The building team spent Sunday morning building what would make the center of attention for picture taking throughout the event. By doing this, we were able to work hands on with delegates and teach them the proper way of handing Gemar balloons, present them to the colors, and provide new decoration ideas for this holiday season. 

On Monday November 7th, the Gemar USA sponsored class instructed by Cecile took place with over 100 delegates in a classroom full of passion for balloon decorations and business conversations. Cecile Williams-Bethel was the perfect fit for this event because of her decades of experience in balloon decoration and a successful party shop where she sells Gemar balloons. The workshop began with Cecile presenting photo op ideas for this holiday season that were cost effective and creative. The hands on part of the class involved delegates making decorations of christmas gifts to place around the santa sleigh. It was great to see all delegates indulge in the christmas spirit with Gemar balloons.

The final event of the Balloon Boss Summit was a neon party with an 80s theme. The Balloon Boss Summit neon party incorporated Gemar neon balloons to bring this 80s party to life! This time around neon colors were the life of the party! It was thrilling to see just about how many themes we can celebrate with balloons!