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Gemar USA celebrates the diverse expressions of Art through our talented artists who showcase their creativity in myriad forms.

We believe that the foundation of stunning designs lies in high-quality balloons, yet it’s the vision of our artists that truly elevates each creation.

With boundless imagination, Gemar’s artists prove that balloon art knows no limits. Dive into our Art vs. Artist section to explore the endless possibilities and witness how Gemar USA turns balloons into awe-inspiring masterpieces.

Meet Luz Paz, an esteemed artist and Gemar Ambassador, whose 40 years of experience in balloon artistry exemplifies versatility, classic style, and a touch of elegance.

At Gemar, our colors empower every artist to create without limits or rules.

This month, we are highlighting the color black. Versatile and timeless, black can be used year-round and can transform into any shape and form. Gemar is black!