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American Tour Awards 2023

The Gemar American Tour would not be possible without the talent and commitment of the balloon artist and entertainment community, who deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their hard work. On the final stop of the American Tour, in Miami, we will be recognizing industry leaders for the first time at a Gemar event together with Ambassadors Gemar Luz Paz and Omar Bucio! This will help us to continue encouraging balloon artists and entertainers to push their limits of creativity and innovation.

The American Tour Awards will take place at the EB Hotel Miami on May 24 in the last two hours of Gemar Day in Miami. Join us in this exciting recognition for the best and brightest artists in the field and see for yourself who is honored and why the American Tour Awards are our inspiration! Register for the Gemar American Tour Miami date at to attend the Gemar Awards.

Is there anyone you would like to nominate for one of the categories? Let us know who you would like to be nominated by leaving a comment on our Instagram post. Click here