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September 13th & 14th 2018

GemarDay Warsaw

GemarDay was a Blast in Warsaw

September is shaping up to be super exciting with three GemarDays in one month. The first of which was has just finished in the beautiful city of Warsaw. We spent 2 glorious fun filled days there, lifting the moment with our incredibly talented partner Godan and our dearest Polish friends.

A unique GemarDay in Warsaw

The city is bursting with culture and history and we loved being part of it, providing more than just a great day out. A GemarDay is always a unique experience, regardless of how many events we put on, we still find it completely exhilarating. This is partly because of our limitless love of balloons and the joy we feel when we share this with others. But it is also because of the people. You see, each event is as different as the individuals who come along and the people of Warsaw certainly made our stay very special.

Why people love GemarDay’s

Our ambassadors worked tirelessly before the event to create new innovative designs, especially for the day. We made the ordinary, extraordinary and the best part is, we were able to teach so many new friends to how to do the same.

Those who came, were already hyped before they even arrived. The atmosphere was electric from the moment we opened the doors on the first day. It can be challenging to keep this high energy flowing, especially over a two day event but everyone seemed to feed off each other’s excitement and as we closed the doors on the 15th, we all wished it could go on a little longer (although to be fair, our Gemar Masters might have needed a lie down)!

What we loved the most in Warsaw was seeing the attendees have the opportunity to get so many hands on learning experiences. They got to practice the new and on trend balloon art skills with the guidance of the industry’s global influencers.

As people left GemarDay Warsaw they were clearly still buzzing; they told us they felt inspired, energised and motivated. They were keen to put the new balloon art skills they had learnt to use immediately, allowing them to rise above their competitors and stand out in a new and exciting way. We believe people learn best when they are having fun and at a GemarDay everything is organised with joy at the heart of it, as everyone left with smiles on their faces, hopefully we did our job!

At the forefront of global trends, Gemar and Godan would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this very special GemarDay in Warsaw, we really feel like you are all part of this movement with us to Lift The Moment worldwide.