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March 23rd 2019

GemarDay Pristina

GemarDay rose high in Pristina

March is proving to be magic as we wind down from a high flying event with our new but renowned distributor, GranDecor. This adventure saw us flying to Kosovo and arriving in the beautiful city of Pristina for the big day on March 23rd.

A unique GemarDay in Pristina

A city of culture and accademia, the National Library of Kosovo based in Pristina boasts more than 1.8 million books. Alongside the National Theatre, the art gallery and the National Science Museum, the city is full of people eager and excited to learn.

Holding a GemarDay here was a pleasure. Although we hold these events regularly, each one is unique because it’s the people that lift the moment as much as the balloons. And the people of Pristina certainly rose to the occasion.

Why people love GemarDays

Our Masters worked tirelessly before the event to create new innovative designs, especially for the day. We made the ordinary, extraordinary and the best part is, we were able to teach so many new friends how to do the same.

Those who came were already hyped even before they arrived. The atmosphere was electric from the moment we opened the doors.

What we loved the most in Pristina was seeing the attendees have the opportunity to get so many hands on learning experiences. They got to practice the new and on-trend balloon art skills with the guidance of the industry’s global influencers.

Gemar and Grandecor would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended this very special GemarDay in Pristina, we really feel like you are all part of this movement with us to ‘lift the moment’ worldwide.

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