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September 26th 2018

GemarDay Moscow Balloon Festival

As global balloon art influencers, there are few sights in the world that amaze the Gemar Ambassadors, BUT the Moscow Balloon festival is most definitely one of them!

We have just packed up after our third and final GemarDay this month and the second in Russia this week! Although we might be tired, we are also enthusiastic to share our experiences because they were truly phenomenal.

A festival that flies high

The Moscow Balloon Festival is an annual event that has been running for nearly two decades and has grown substantially in this time. It is the biggest balloon festival in Russia but it also stands tall on the competitive global stage. This year we sent two teams over : The Sharomans & The Golden Hands, and with the help of our partners and friends at Europa Uno Trade, we were once again able to be an integral part of the event.

The Moscow Balloon Festival is a true celebration of our artform, the quality of the displays and the enthusiasm of everyone who attends keeps it interesting and fresh each year. We always aim to ignite childhood passion at our GemarDays but as the festival is a free family-friendly day, there are children everywhere, unashamedly marvelling at the wonders they see. This adds something magical to the event, their energy is even higher than the most excited adult (apart from the Gemar team of course)!

Raising our game

As balloon artists gather from around Russia and the world, the event also adds a competitive edge to our Gemar team. Just like the fashion industry, our Italian art? is innovative and stylish. We constantly strive to stay ahead, to be informed on trends, setting the bar high. But while sharing the stage at an event as big as the Moscow Balloon Festival we have to walk the talk? and really OWN the term ‘global influencers and experts.’

This encourages us to push our creative boundaries, make the impossible possible and to Lift The Moment for the entire event. And goodness, didn’t we just!

We would like to thank everyone who came and took part in the event as well as our partners, our 2 lovely teams, the organisers and Moscow itself. We felt so welcome and we can’t wait to return. Our Gemar team are so excited they are already planning some show stopping displays!