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April 12th 2019

GemarDay Los Angeles

GemarDay went with A bang in LA

GemarDays give us the opportunity to travel the world, meet new and interesting people and spread the love of balloon art to all four corners of the globe. No event is the same and each offers a unique experience for us and the attendees, we love every single one. That said there is a certain ‘next level’excitement about meeting with our Hollywood friends at Winner Party & Funny Balloons and touching down in LA LA land. We’ve all grown up watching Hollywood movies and somehow when we come here, we feel like part of it too. Not only do we become stars but so does every single person who attends our event.

On 12th April, it was time to shine again in LA as our 2 Gemar Masters shared their vision and taught attendees to raise their balloon game.

The big GemarDay

Claudio & Vincenzo led the day with the aim of sharing their unique insights and techniques to teach people how to create show stopping designs. The focus this year was on new trends, designs that are just on the cusp of hitting the high street.

  • Panda is the new Black – sharing our exclusive 2019 Monochrome Panda range, the team were able to demonstrate high level innovative ideas for this cute and iconic bear.
  • Intergalactic – shooting for the moon, our team showed enthusiastic balloon fans how to rise up amongst the stars of LA with space inspired designs.
  • Time to shine – celebrating birthdays and special occasions will now be even more epic in Hollywood after our experts demonstrated how to make the most of every moment with balloon art.
  • Oh Baby – our team demonstrated unique and exciting ways to celebrate new life in style.
  • Resurrecting the Roaar – another trend that’s making its mark on the current market, dinosaurs are loud and proud in 2019 and Gemar is ready with a new stomping collection. The attendees got an exclusive treat and learnt how to make the most of new trends and opportunities with the magic of balloon art.
  • Customise it – everyone expects something unique which can be hard to achieve in such a noisy market which is why we were excited to share our Customise It’ ideas which allows the individual to create something quickly and easily that’s rises above the competition and goes with a bang!

Why people love GemarDay’s

Our Masters worked tirelessly before the event to create new and innovative designs, especially for the day. We made the ordinary, extraordinary and the best part is, we were able to teach so many new friends to how to do the same.

We loved the LA event, for all the glitz and glam of the city, it was once again simply about sharing the beauty, excitement and innovation of balloon art.

We can’t wait to come back and lift the moment again. Thank you to our partners at Winner Party & Funny Balloons and every single star who joined us.