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Gemar Day Los Angeles #AmericanTour2022

Gemar takes the USA

Our Los Angeles stop has come to an end but we didn’t forget about you! Here’s a few photos and a short video where you can feel like you were part of the learning and fun!

The theme of Los Angeles event was “Ciao bella”. Our Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande & Vincenzo Musto and Gemar Instructor Alisson Vasconcelos were making Italian dream as Los Angeles’ theme was a day in Italy! From the trees to the colors we celebrate green, white, and red!

There were 4 classes which were prepared by our Masters and Instructor:

1. First one was called “Bella”. Vincenzo’s final class in the USA was the famous butterfly made out of green and red to give it that Italian feel!

2. Second one was called “Muro Italiano”. Claudio’s Italian themed wall was made with the same technique that has impressed everyone during the whole tour! The reaction when finished is always priceless. It takes him only 4 hours to do this if he works alone.

3. The third one was organized by Alisson Vasconcelos and was called “Sent with Love”. A classic balloon decoration that never disappoints is the balloon bouquet. Under Alisson’s guidance on basic techniques, with a little patience, everyone could make their own bouquet and give it to their loved one for any occasion.

4. Fourth one was called “Olive Tree”. Alisson’s final class and the last class of the evening was full of energy! For the first time in this tour we built large scale trees! With bases over 6 feet tall we were able to make the room come alive into a forest. So many techniques including organic, twisting, etc.

The tour has come to an end! It was an unforgettable tour that included over 140,000 balloons4 cities, and 1000 people from all over the world! Thank you for learning and enjoying with us!

See you at our next adventure!