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Our very first Balloonista challenge in South America !

Balloonista Challenge – 2nd edition

We are dazzled by the enormous success of this convention and especially by the second edition of the Balloonista Challenge.
The atmosphere was high, competition was fierce but everyone was smiling and it went with a bang!

The challenge

At our last Gemar convention, we decided it was time to take Balloonista up a level. It was simple:


  • 117 people
  • 50 minutes
  • 1 Balloonista tutorial to follow
  • A lot of laughs

The mission

Balloonista is revolutionising balloon art, bringing it into 2019 making it fun, trendy and accessible to everyone. We are building an enormous resource, a library of step by step tutorials that have the potential to lift the moment for anyone with enthusiasm for balloons and a love of balloon art.

For more than a year now our experts have been providing these tutorials to our growing Balloonista community and we have been amazed and humbled by the feedback.

Giving people the tools to be creative and teaching them how to push their own boundaries is a beautiful way to give them confidence and pride in their abilities.

We thought that our first convention in South America was the perfect opportunity to do our Balloonista Challenge 2nd edition.

The result

The Balloonista challenge was highly anticipated and a wonderful chance for everyone to demonstrate their skills. Each challenger had just 50 minutes to complete a balloon sculpture, following one of our tutorials, and earn themselves an access to an exclusive Balloonista facebook group and a certificate for those who completed the exam successfully! It was a lot of fun and the room rang with laughter as well as the occasional popped balloon!

The future

What is certain is that creativity is at the heart of our learning and that we hope for many more challenges to allow everyone to push back their borders even further to learn the balloon art.

Look out for more Balloonista chaos at future Gemar Conventions and GemarDays.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you a Balloonista?