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Saying “Goodbye” to The G Live Adventure

Two months with over 200 hours of learning with 31 professionals, hundreds of delegates, and new art pieces each class was what we’ve experienced during June and July in The G Live Adventure. For the months of June and July balloon aficionados all over the world logged onto Instagram Live to learn from a professional balloon artist alongside Gemar USA and a Gemar USA associate. With a goal of educating the future and the present of balloon professionals , Gemar USA managed to organize the largest educational program available in the balloon industry. 

The Gemar USA YouTube page remains the media center for all the classes from the first to the last episode. The response for The G Live Adventure in our Youtube page exceeded all expectations. Since the launch of the G Live Adventure until the time this article is published, our Youtube page received a total of 14,089 views and 141,000 impressions. The Gemar USA Youtube channel had visitors from 23 different countries including far countries like Japan, Argentina, Italy, United Kingdom, and Ireland! This undeniable interest for balloon education has resulted in our commitment to continue supporting education in the balloon industry through the Gemar USA Youtube channel.

Video views and likes aren’t enough evidence that people are understanding what they’ve learned. This is why at Gemar USA surged the idea of a 3 winner contest. The contest consisted of participants publishing their own sculptures of what they’ve learned in a class of The G Live Adventure thus proving that they were able to create the same sculpture or apply the technique learned and create their own art piece. The contest was followed by using the hashtag #Gemarliveadventure resulting in over 50 different entries on Facebook and Instagram. The contestants elaborated twisting, distortion, organic, and classic decorations leaving us without a shadow of a doubt into concluding a successful educational program. 

The mission behind The G Live Adventure was to diminish the space between a balloon professional and an aspiring balloon artist. By bringing the professionals to a Gemar vendor’s local audience we were able to educate their local community with the resources and manners of a professional in the balloon industry; thus achieving the goal behind the G Live Adventure, a more responsible, proficient, and intelligent industry. The G Live was without a doubt the best adventure!