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Gemar USA in Atlanta

A training course took place on March 6th in Atlanta, Georgia. The course was held for over 20 people, so the atmosphere was thrilling.

For this training course Gemar USA has sent more than 1000 balloons.

This event was organized by Viviana Guerra for beginners in balloon decoration. The purpose of this course was for all beginner assistants learn and feel capable of applying everything they have learned for their next projects and in their future businesses, for intermediate and advanced level assistants was to find new tips or techniques that facilitate the saving of production time.

All delegated were instructed by Viviana Guerra:


Introduction to the basic principles of balloons
techniques to create organic walls.
how to make hanging curtains
how to install garland on structure and roof
How to get paid for your work

We wish all these participants good luck in finding their place in the world of decoration.