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Gemar Balloons Twistin’ Up the Bling Bling Jam

A week in Las Vegas celebrating balloons!

During a week in Las Vegas at The Bing Bling Jam convention Gemar USA had an incredible time alongside two sponsored balloon artists that we have to break the number one rule of Las Vegas, therefore, we’re sharing everything that happened with you!

The convention began on July 17, 2022 in the Binions Hotel Apache, where Gemar instructors Brady Degroot and Austin Humphreys held workshops themed around animals to beach vibes.

1. The first workshop was held by Austin Humphreys and was about his animated design “Humphreys the Humping dog”. The participants would watch a filmed video while Austin built an example following the video instructions. This class marked the opening class of The Bling Bling Jam.

2. Second one was held by Austin Humphreys and was called the “Chubbies”. A class made out of standard round balloons to make an alternative design to the regular balloon twister 160, 260, and 350 balloon designs. Austin pitched the idea that working with designs that incorporated round balloons would make your sculptures conserve air longer and would also add a much cuter look to a design. It was a great class to push the twisting boundaries!

3. Third one by was held by Brady DeGroot starring G-link balloons and was a compliment to the “Humphreys the Humping Dog” class. Everyone got to experience the magic of G-link balloons and how you can make build structures learning how to use G-Link balloons. This fun class was about making a dog house wall but, primarily it explained the structure and just how with a simple pattern we can make large structures. Brady focused on making every detail go unnoticed throughout the whole class which can be seen in full here.

4. Fourth one was held by Brady DeGroot and was called the “Beach Paradise”. A class that really brought out the best of a Decor-twister by making palm trees with decorating techniques for the tree trunk and twister techniques for the palm leaves. Additionally, a balloon wall of an assortment of metallic, standard, light, and dark blues to recreate a wave and to top it off, blush and latte to mimic the sand in a beach paradise. This class was the primary interest of those who assisted the convention for balloon decoration classes.

In the final days of The Bling Bling Jam many top artists and twisters gathered in the main room to build what would be their entry for the balloon costume contest where three talented people would place to be the top 3. On the final day the participants would form a parade on Fremont street. Gemar USA sponsored artists Brady and Austin joined powers to create a wearable Batmobile which Austin would wear while wearing a batman costume. As soon as the parade started hundreds of people on Fremont street immediately took out their camera to take photographs of the many participants of this balloon costume contest. 

When the event came to an end, Gemar USA reflected on a job well done where for an entire week, Gemar USA instilled the diversity of Gemar Balloons into the hearts of balloon aficionados. From entertaining twisting classes to large decorating builds The Bling Bling Jam for Gemar USA was an opportunity to showcase the variety of options and tools Gemar Balloons provides for the balloon people.