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City Balloons Dallas Expansion

We love to see Gemar vendors in the U.S. grow and today marks a milestone in the development of City Balloons Dallas.

A brand new City Balloons Dallas store is opening, this time a much bigger location, this means Gemar Balloons available for more people! 

Store manager, Mauricio Rojas, believes that they have experienced constant growth due to the mix of effort, dedication, and quality of Gemar products, which they proudly represent, coupled with the satisfaction and support of their customers. This is just one of the many reasons that prove how the balloon industry keeps on growing together. To Gemar USA, City Balloons Dallas is a store that has done an excellent job serving the balloon community by providing the products that help celebrate every happy moment. By helping the community celebrate more moments, the community has helped City Balloons Dallas reach a new milestone in expanding the store. The main idea of this expansion is not moving to a bigger store, it is the growth to keep on helping more and more celebrations every day with the capability of offering services throughout the state of Texas and the USA, thus making City Balloons Dallas a store that has grown together with the community.  This is said because, Mauricio shared with us the purchasing methods since they first opened the doors to the general public. City balloons Dallas offers the option of making purchases online through, where they offer all the products they have available in store, so that customers can place their orders to pick them up at the store, or to be shipped to any destination in the USA.

If you are in Dallas you are welcome to visit the new store opening on August 5th, 2022. You will find City Balloons Dallas on Gretna St in Dallas, and a warm welcome will be waiting for you!


📍 Address: 4744 Gretna St., Dallas, TX 75207, United States