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Christmas is a time of magic and wonder.

Balloons Elevate Magic in the Festive Season

Christmas is a time of magic and wonder. It is a time to suspend belief and add sparkle to the cold, dark days of winter (unless of course you live in the Southern Hemisphere). Using just one country as an example, the average American family spends more than $50 each year on decorations to bring the festive season alive. This is why Christmas is an invaluable opportunity for retailers and one not to be missed.

Out With the Old

Every year, families that celebrate Christmas go to their attic, garage or basement and find that big box labelled ‘Christmas Decorations’. They carefully unpack everything and then once again go through the whole process of transforming their home into Santa’s Grotto.

Every year though, despite pulling out all of these stored decorations, people still buy more. Some of the items will be broken, become faded or just look out-dated. Often though, people buy new decorations because they simply want something fresh.

Some decorations hold a special place in the individuals Christmas experience, for example if they were bought after moving to a new home or a baby’s first Christmas, but the rest are easily discarded in replacement of something pristine and shiny. What-ever the reason, there seems to be a natural annual carousel of decorations; out with the old and in with the new.

The Perfect Annual Purchase

So with this is mind, each year consumers are looking for new and innovative decorations to lift the moment, here is where Gemar Balloons comes into its own; a set of perfectly designed festive balloons become the ideal purchase. They are just right for the consumer looking for something high quality and fresh but economical. Christmas themed balloons are unique and with new designs added annually, they add something novel and original that creates a renewed look each year.

Another benefit is the huge range of colours that can easily bring together the traditional Christmas shades of red, white and green with the colour scheme of the customers own home. Balloons can bring the existing décor together and create a synced and co-ordinated style.

Popping Parties

The festive period is full of party opportunities, from work parties, family gatherings and school events to the shin-dig of the year; New Year’s Eve. Each of these celebrations can be elevated with the addition of balloons, adding fun, extravaganza and magic to this merry season. A Christmas or New Years’ Party should stand out and be remembered for its festive feel and the designs provided at Gemar reflect the value of this and can up-level any merrily-themed party.

Elevate the Magic

Take the magic of balloons even higher with the captivating and enchanting practice of balloon art. Balloons can be twisted together to create absolute delight for the excited child in the form of balloon candy canes, Christmas candles, snowmen, Santa, wreaths, reindeer and any other festive symbol you can think of.

Here at Gemar though, we like to take it to the next level; we think big when it comes to balloon art. Why have Christmas candles when you can have a Christmas tree? Check out our incredible, unique balloon tree from last year.

We are looking forward to creating even more wonderment this year.