Gemar® Masters

Gemar® Masters fly high in the balloon industry. Internationally renowned, they are expert professionals highly skilled in balloon art that are on a mission to inspire and educate up and coming balloon artists with world-class training and development activities.

Innovation and creativity are innate attributes some people seem to be blessed with. However, this doesn’t mean that given the right environment, inspiration and motivation, a natural artistic flare can’t be nurtured and developed into excellence. Our Gemar® Masters work to spread their knowledge and passion for balloon art, encouraging others to grow and push their own creative boundaries alongside them.

Under the banner of Academia, the masters preserve and maintain this highly creative industry. They provide the perfect training for creatives who are serious about a rising career in balloon art.

Academia is committed to research and as a result is on the leading edge of innovative balloon art techniques and products under the backdrop of the Italian culture, which is defined by pioneering design and beauty